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full body armorIf we are to examine our history when it comes to warfare, combat, assaults and other dangerous scenarios we would find that throughout the ancient times people have been using all sorts of different types of body armor to protect the fighter’s bodies from harm and injury.
The first material we could consider as tactical clothing was made from animal skin and hide.

They were the easiest materials to obtain and they can easily be fashioned into tactical clothes by simple sewing. As our civilization became slowly advanced and more materials were discovered, our tactical clothing became more complex as well. Soon people were wearing armor made from steel and other metals as well. These advancements proved to be good as the materials that were discovered were observed to be of much better quality, offers more protection from harm, and can better shield the body.

Now, in comes our own age of technological wonder. There is a growing demand for tactical clothing not just for combat but for other activities as well. Today, we see all sorts of tactical clothing that is available and we can easily purchase them. We have also gone far from our days of leather and other animal hides. tactical clothing made from advance materials stronger than leather and steel are available. One of the most well-known materials that are utilized for tactical clothing is Kevlar. Kevlar Is a material developed back in middle of the 1960s which is noted to be five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis.

Xelement CF-330 Mens Grey Leather/Fabric Motorcycle Jacket - 3X-Large

Features: Made of 100% Tri-Tex Fabric and premium leather, Micro fleece lined rolled collar, Full sleeve zip out liner in left and right sid pockets on liner, Gel foam padding on front, back and sleeves, Zippered wrist cuffs with adjustable velcro straps

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UTG Law Enforcement SWAT Vest (Sports)


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Because Kevlar is an extremely strong material it is now being used in different applications such as cable and ropes and now even vests for tactical clothing.
Kevlar vests are fine examples of tactical clothing that can easily be purchased, offers great protection, has a good price, and comes in a variety of styles and colors.
Kevlar vests have a high resistance to heat, is stronger than steel, and is not easily torn.
Kevlar is specially designed for high stress applications and it is such a superior material that it is even used in aerospace technologies.

UTG Tactical Scenario Vest (Misc.)

Features: Waist fits from 32" up to 56", belt fits up to 52", Law-enforcement quality hook-and-loop, Premium synthetic material suitable for real world use

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GoGo Gear Men's Armored Kevlar Hoodie, (Black, XXX-Large) (Automotive)

Features: Kevlar lining in back and back of sleeves, CE approved removable armor in back, shoulders and elbows, Underarm zippered air vents, YKK zippers, Machine washable

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The uses of Kevlar not just in vests are so wide that it is now one of the most important fibers ever developed by man. The National Institute of Justice tested Kevlar under four phases. The first phase was to determine if Kevlar could stop a lead bullet. The second phase involved determining how many layers of Kevlar fabric it would take to stop bullets penetrating at different speeds. The third level of testing was to determine the performance level of body armor that would be necessary to save lives. The fourth phase was monitoring the armoura’s wearability and effectiveness. The final report for all these tests was released in 1976 and it concluded that Kevlar was effective in providing a bullet resistant garment that was wearable and light for everyday and full-time use.

body armor

tactical clothing