Ballistic Vests

Every day, so many lives are in danger when it comes to workplace hazards, all over the world- firemen, traffic police, policemen, etc. Mishaps can take place anytime and anywhere, unexpectedly. So to prevent these, the other option from being careful is wearing a body armor or a ballistic vest.

What is a ballistic vest?

It is a piece of clothing made of a tightly packed material called Kevlar. It is an extra layer worn on the body underneath the normal clothing. It is very comfortable and does not show. They are light weight and user friendly.

A ballistic vest does just that, protects you from a bullet wound. It does not allow the bullet to penetrate the body. It hits the armor first, protecting one’s life.

How to choose the best type of bullet proof vest

Many people do not seem to be aware of the different types of bullet proof vests and armors that are available in the market today. The vests that are commonly sold are the soft Kevlar material ones that protect one against the small fire arms, guns and pistols and the kind that are usually found in civil areas and towns.

Some superior quality of ballistic materials as Kevlar and Aramid used in ballistic vests protect against the heavier fire arms, not only rifles and bigger caliber bullets but also against shrapnel. These need special and legal permission from the local law enforcement.

There is a major difference between the ordinary bullet proof vests and the superior ones. The ordinary ones feel like hard fabric and conform to the body structure. They are flexible. On the other hand, the superior quality Kevlar vests consist of hard plates that are rigid and strong.

Based on the type of ballistic vest you choose, the weight and price varies. Also note that these vests do not make you invincible but merely offer protection against fatal wounds most of the times.
Based on the reasons for your buying of a bullet proof vest and the kind of situations you are exposed to, you need to choose what’s best for you. Some vests need to be permitted for use. Please contact your local law enforcement for further information regarding the same.

The ballistic vests and body armors are used by many in the field of law enforcement- traffic policemen, prison police, security guards, VIPs, military personnel and many more.

Another important point of consideration while buying a bullet proof vest or armor is that the ease with which you can move with the armor on your person. It depends on weight, the flexibility level and comfort of movement. The armor should not obstruct you in fight or flight situations. Before you actually start using the armor for real, it is highly recommended that you practice wearing it and test how comfortable you are to do your activities with it on your person.

You can contact us anytime you need a bullet proof vest or body armor and we shall help with exactly what you need. Our professionals will help you with what is best. All you have to do is get in touch.